Music & Entertainment by GARO

Music is the universal language, and Greek music is all about life and hospitality!

Sing, dance and be entertained as our music travels you to the different regions of Greece , and their history!


Garo Bardaktzian was born in Halep, Syria on 13th of July 1964. He had his first contact with music at the age of 6 when he started taking piano lessons with an Armenian French piano tutor Mrs. Felicite. At the same time he started his studies at the State Conservatory of Halep.

In 1978 he continues his music studies with the famous musician and composer conductor Chrand Kevorkian who taught him harmony, orchestration and choir conducting.

In 1979 he created and conducted a ten member band named Ousanogagkan, participating in many cultural events. He is also a soloist of the Chamaskain choir and participates in many events in Middle East area.

In 1982 he graduates from the State Conservatory of Halep holding a Pianist Degree and conducts a five member – 4phonic choir of the Parekortzagkan Armenian High School.

In 1983 he settles in Greece where he creates adult choirs, child choirs, he works as a professional pianist at five star hotels and luxurious piano restaurants.

In 1998 he takes over the artistic direction of 1-day cruises at the Saronic Gulf Islands.

In 2001 he establishes the artistic office “GARO’s Entertainment” undertaking music and audio coverage for social events.